Everything about Lavender – Ancient Use, Different Forms, Benefits of Lavender

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Everything about Lavender – Ancient Use of Lavender, Different Forms of Lavender, Benefits of Lavender

What is Lavender?

Lavender is rising its popularity due to its surprising usage in pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, fragrances, decorations, and many more. It is commonly known for its relaxing effects on the body, boosting moods and memory, help in sleep, relieving pain, and healing skin. It also acts as a protective agent. 

Lavender herb is grown in the native area of northern Africa and Mediterranean mountains. The unique aroma and taste of lavender make it different from other herbs. It belongs to the mint family and looks very similar to rosemary. Its aroma is a mixture of mint and rosemary but still, it has a floral, clean, crisp, and sweet scent. 


What were the ancient uses of Lavender?

Popularly known herb lavender is not in demand just for now but it has been used for centuries for different purposes. Physicians in the past wrote that lavender is useful in relieving indigestion, headaches, sore throats, and clean wounds externally. It was used for head and brain pain so it was added in pillows for good sleep. It is still used in pillows. Lavender was famous for its ultimate use for skin from the past. It was used for the massage to the body which is still in use as aromatherapy.

Apart from these uses, lavender was also used to protect from evil spirits. It is well known that the lavender is famous for its antimicrobial properties which give us protection from microbes but in ancient times, it was used to hang above the doors to protect from evil spirits.


What are the different forms of Lavender usage?

As we already know there is a wide range of usage of lavender which varies from food preparation to therapeutic usage. It is mostly harvested for its unique fragrant leaves and most attractive flowers. Dried flowers of lavender are also used in different styles such as in sachets for scent and in the bath. It is also used in beverages and sweets to enhance their flavors. Lavender is mostly used in its oil form which is famous and favorite among the essential oil users. 


What are the benefits of Lavender?

Stress reliever

Stressful work in daily life can take a peal on mental health. Anxiety which has become a serious problem these days can increase depression, low energy, and headache. In different studies, lavender has proven as a boon to relieve stress and anxiety. There is plenty of researches that show that inhaling essential oil in the limited quantity shows positive effects on nervousness, anxiety, and depression. Scientists analyzed in their research that lavender containing supplements show therapeutic effects on patients who are fighting with stress and anxiety.

Restful sleep

Insomnia is the most common problem which is related to poor sleeping habits, anxiety, and lack of exercise. Sometimes, medication also doesn’t much affect this persistent problem and the person feels drowsy all the long. Insufficient sleep or feeling asleep has a bad impact on health. Though there are so many other ways to fight with this disorder such as changing some personal habits can show huge effects. It may include- waking up at the same time, add exercise habits in your daily routine, eliminate stimulants in your diets such as caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol, stop eating right before going to bed, make the sleeping room more comfortable. Apart from this if you’re ready to try something new, you can place a few drops of lavender oil in your pillow before going to sleep. It has proved in the research to induce restful sleep.

Improve Memory

In a recent study, lavender is proved to improve memory after stressful and standardized tests. It is also helpful to enhance the immune system and trigger the healing process.

Pain reliever

It is tested in various studies that lavender is having pain-relieving properties. There are some case studies available that show the positive effects of lavender for pain. In the recent study, inhaling the lavender scent show effective results in reducing migraine pain. It is helpful in treating inflammation and pain. It is also studied that lavender reduces pain in children after tonsillectomy. In the case study, it was shown that the children who inhale lavender after surgery, are able to reduce their pain reliever pills. 

Clinical uses

Lavender contains antiseptic, insecticidal, and skin healing properties. Enriched in all these properties make it popular in clinical uses. It is very effective for birth injuries to mother. Lavender when applied topically shows remarkable results in the treatment of wounds, burns, bruises, etc. In clinical trials, it shows effective results in the treatment of lice and fleas in humans and other animals as well. Due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal properties make it useful in several clinical products and show astonishing results.


Lavender is generally used in beauty products for skin protection. Though in some products lavender composition is chemically balanced for the preparation. As lavender is available in the natural form and you can easily get from the market. So it can be is used in its natural form as well.


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