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The Secret to Finding the Best Smelling Lavender Essential Oil

There are many types of essential oils out there, but few compare to the smell and benefits of lavender. Lavender is a flower that grows wild in Europe, North America, China and Japan. The scent comes from a group of naturally occurring chemicals called phenols which have potent anti-inflammatory properties as well as antiviral properties. This post will provide you with tips on how to use it correctly for various purposes.

Lavender essential oil is not just for aromatherapy or making your house smell nice! It also has many health benefits such as improving sleep quality, reducing stress levels, lowering blood pressure and relieving pain. In this blog post, I am going to share some ways you can incorporate this lovely plant into your life by using the lavender essential oils that smell best. 

Using the lavender essential oil for aromatherapy and meditation

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You may have heard about aromatherapy being used as an alternative to massage therapy for helping with relief from pain and stress. This practice requires certain oils such as lavender rather than regular massage oils because they are concentrated, natural oils that contain healing properties. Many people use lavender essential oil as a way to relieve pain associated with arthritis, headaches or backaches throughout the year.

If you are interested in aromatherapy, then adding some of the best smelling lavender essential oil into your life is a great way to get in touch with your spiritual side. Inhaling this oil can induce sleep (as well as relaxation) because it contains sesquiterpenes that will help you relax. This also makes it ideal for reducing stress or anxiety by helping you relax during stressful times. 


Lavender is a fragrant herb that has been used for centuries to soothe and relax humans

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The aroma of the lavender flower is calming and relaxing, but it can also promote concentration. Lavender oil has been used in many cultures for a variety of reasons relating to its scent.

The lavender essential oils are also commonly found in air fresheners because they have long-lasting aromas. Many people claim that regularly inhaling the scent of lavender raises their moods, reduces nervousness or stress, improves focus and clarity.

There are many ways to use lavender essential oils, but the most common way is by diffusing them in your home or office. You can get an oil diffuser for a relatively low cost, which will put out the scent of lavender all day. This is one of the many ways to use essential oils.

Where does the best smelling lavender oil come from?

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The best smelling lavender essential oils come from France, England, Bulgaria and Morocco. These countries are ideal for growing lavender because of the various climates; however, their soils and locations are different. This causes their respective essential oils to have varying properties.

England produces lavender that has a floral scent with woody undertones, while Bulgarian lavenders have a more herbaceous aroma. The French Lavenders tend to be more earthy in fragrance along with fruity undertones compared to other countries’ varieties which lack this distinctive quality. Most Moroccan varieties smell like camphor or pine resin due to their volatile compounds and oils.

If you want your home to smell like floral fields of lavender, there is no better way than adding some of the best smelling lavender essential oil from France into your home! It can also improve your skin, so it is not just for fragrance.

All of these countries produce high-quality oil that has an intense fragrance that will transport you to another place when inhaled deeply.

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Making your own great smelling lavender oil

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You do not have to go out and buy the best smelling lavender essential oils, since they are typically made of a combination of many other types that give them their unique fragrance. You can also make your own using dried or fresh lavender flowers, however, this requires much more patience as it takes longer for the oil to be extracted. These types may be purer because you’re taking apart each part of the plant; however, they could cause allergic reactions in some people if used unwisely. Purchasing oils is a lot easier!

In order to find out how pure an essential oil is, you need to know what its “parts per” ratio (or PPR) is. The higher the number on this test, the better quality the lavender oil is. Most great brands have a PPR of 100, which means that they are pure and natural. There are some companies that will label themselves as 100 percent but if you test it yourself, you might find that this isn’t true! A good brand should not contain any alcohol or artificial fragrances; instead, they use steam distillation to get rid of all impurities.  

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If you want something more fruity, then I recommend Lemon and Lavender Fragrance Oil. This scent is more of a floral, sweet fragrance mixed with lemon that can mask other smells in your home and give it a refreshing smell. This product has an excellent aroma that will make you feel as if you are relaxing on the beautiful Mediterranean beach! You will not regret purchasing this product! 

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