Lavender lotions used at nail salons

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6 Best Lavender lotion to apply before or after a mani/pedi

Nails are part of the big beauty industry business. And if you’re spending precious pampering 10/45 or more dollars for a manicure or pedicure, these luxury salon visits are important not only to the salon industry (that’ll do whatever it takes to keep you coming back for more) but to you as well (just the feel of having your nails taken good care of).

Among the key elements to achieve a long-lasting manicure is a lotion to help moisturize your hands/feet. Your beauty parlor surely uses different products to keep your nails smooth and moisturized, but we’ve come up with a list of the best Lavender lotions at nail salons.

1. OPI Avojuice Hand and Body Lotion – Vanilla Lavender

OPI Avojuice lotion’s been great hand lotion for its light but rich moisturizing formula with avocado and aloe extracts for very smooth hands feels. It absorbs well and quickly, and does leave your hands very soft.

This particular scent however doesn’t get much praise, probably because of the subtle strange under scent, but one thing is sure, your nail tech has surely used one of OPI hand lotions on you or somebody ’cause OPI does know their way on nail stuff.

Click here to check the price on Amazon.

2. La Palm Volcano Spa Pedicure – Lavender eruption

Well, you’re probably wondering why we’ll mention a pedi spa kit right? That’s because if you’re a nail tech, this kit will keep your clients coming back or if you’re the client, well that’s prolly the reason why you just can’t do without visiting your fave nail salon. The Volcano Spa Pedicure is a luxurious 5 step pedicure kit, formulated to provide clients a premium pedicure experience.

Why nail salons love this, it’s a single-use kit – it’s detoxifying, it’s a pedicure treatment with an exfoliating sugar scrub, collagen cream mask and collagen massage lotion made with organic-based ingredients.

Should you wish to have a luxurious experience at home, check out the price on Amazon here but the Nail company (wholesale supply) got it for cheaper prices – but again it’s wholesale supply.


3. Beyond™ Spa Sensual Lotion – Lavender Orchid 

Beyond™ Spa Sensual Lotion Lavender Orchid 1 gal

This lotion’s perfect for dry and mature skin to improve the overall health of the skin, making it more supple and elastic. Its formula is infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, and Almond Oil to create a natural blend of aging protection. The company claims the lotion’s preferred by upscale salons. The lotion is used for both pedis and manis. The secret’s out now – check out the price here



4. La Palm Massage lotion – Sweet Lavender dreams

La Palm Massage Lotion Sweet Lavender Dreams 1 gallon - StarLike Nails &  Beauty


Another La Palm lotion entry – used for multiple salon services (massages, manicures, and pedicures) – with a protein-enriched formula that deeply penetrates to rejuvenate and moisturize dry skin. Your skin is more toned and texturized. The hydrating non-greasy lotion leaves your hands and feet feeling soft and moisturized, smelling amazing. Click here to check the price on Amazon.


5. CND Scentsations Hand & Body Lotion – Lavender & Jojoba

CND Scentsations Lavender & Jojoba Lotion, 8.3 Fl Oz

Next item on the list but not the least of them is CND Scentsations Hand & Body Lotion – Lavender & Jojoba.  CDN does make great quality lotions and this is not disappointing. Smell’s great, light, hydrating and moisturizing lotion, absorbs quickly. The catch is, we’ve just found great reviews on this.  Ingredients include vitamins A and E and Aloe Vera for extra moisturizing. Click here to check the price on Amazon.




6. TSC SPA super smooth hand & body lotion – Lavender Lily


Another great entry for super smooth and super moist hands, made with aloe, vitamin E, shea butter and coconut oil. It provides long-lasting hydration and smell and is considered #1 choice for spa skincare treatment from TS Cosmetic Labs.



What’s your favorite lavender lotion for manis/pedis? Tell us in the comments below 🙂

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