Lavender Essential Oil for Hair

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It’s been established that Lavender essential oil is popularly used in home remedies, aromatherapy, cosmetics, and has become a widespread favorite.

The multipurpose oil has lots of benefits that include pain and migraine relief, sleep aide, burnt relief and healing, culinary perks, skin nourishing, cuticle perks, and we’re adding to the long list today locks. Yes, Lavender essential oil is good for your hair. Keep reading I tell you more in the next paragraphs.

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Why leave lavender essential oil on your hair?

There are several benefits of using Lavender essential oil on your hair.

Condition & moisture

Lavender essential oil in particular is known to deep condition the hair, make it shine.


Studies have shown Lavender essential oil is a great antimicrobial oil thus helping fight dandruff and itchy scalp.

Hair growth

Other studies have shown it promotes hair growth – giving you thicker and longer hair; Helps with issues like baldness and alopecia.


Like with skin inflammation and burns, lavender is a great solution for scalp inflammation and dryness.

Calming effect

Because the scent is released in your hair, you have the extra advantage of feeling more relaxed, and in a better mood.


How to use Lavender essential oils for your hair?


Massage oil for your scalp

You can either:

–  Mix a few drops of Lavender essential oil with a carrier oil (like coconut or jojoba oil), and massage your scalp; leave it for about 30 mins or overnight then shampoo your hair.

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–  Mix a few drops of Lavender essential oil with cedarhood oil, and clary sage and apply the oil mixture to hair and scalp. Wash out after 30mins or leave overnight

Both mixtures can be used as hot oil treatment as well: warm up the oil mixture and massage your scalp; leave it in for 30 mins or overnight then shampoo your hair.


In your hair products

It’ll be beneficial for you to also add a few drops (3-5) of lavender essential oil to your shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins or masks. A few drops go a long way.

While you could add some Lavender essential oil to your regular haircare products, you could as well go for products with Lavender essential oil already as part of the ingredients. Like lavender shampoos/conditioners, serums or masks.


Best Lavender Essential Oil for hair


We recommend you try the following 5 on your hair:

1. Edens Garden – Lavender essential oil

The oil comes in different sizes and prices for all budgets, is 100% organic, great for skincare and hair care/treatment. Check the price here.


2. Aetos Lavender Essential Oil

USDA certified organic, this essential oil comes in a 1oz size and contains 100% pure lavender from Bulgaria. The scent is pleasant and long-lasting, and it’s good to soothe any inflammation including scalp ones. Check it here.



3. US Organic 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Another great entry USDA certified organic, good when used on the scalp to treat dandruff and stimulate hair growth. The scent isn’t the greatest, but we like it. Check for the price here



4. Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil

This oil is 100% pure undiluted, and can be used for scalp massages. It also has great relaxing effects because of its scent. Check it here



5. Sky Organics Lavender Essential Oil

USDA certified, on top of its other benefits (aromatherapy, body and facial scrubs, etc.), this oil is mostly used for creating hair serums. It smells amazing, and if applied to your hair, it will surely make you turn heads. It’s on Amazon



6. Maple Holistics Lavender Essential Oil

Made of 100% pure Lavender essential oil, this oil reduces frizz and limits hair loss. Check it out on Amazon




Like with everything else, and with essential oils, exercise caution. Essential oils when not diluted can cause irritations; so make sure you dilute your lavender essential oil before use on your hair or scalp. Avoid your eyes and do not ingest.



Lavender Essential oil is a safe ingredient to add to your hair care regiment/products. It has lots of benefits including your scalp and hair health. Try it, and you won’t be disappointed.



Have you tried any Lavender essential oil on your hair? What method of application do you use?

Tell us in the comments section 🙂



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