Lavender Gifts for Mom

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More Than Just Flowers: Lavender Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is coming up and it’s time to start thinking of the perfect gift for your mom. Flowers are always a good option, but what if you’re looking for something different? If you’re not sure where to look, check out this blog post! Lavender enthusiasts will be pleased to know that there are plenty of lavender gifts on offer for moms. We’ll discuss some great options in detail below so that you can choose the best one possible.

Why Use Lavender?

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Lavender is a relaxing natural compound that reduces stress, improves sleep and offers antioxidant nourishment to the skin and body.  For mothers, lavender has a number of benefits that make it the perfect choice for a Mother’s Day gift.

Lavender as A Sleep Aid

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The fragrance of lavender is well known to improve sleep quality and duration by creating calm feelings.  This makes them an ideal gift for busy moms who may be struggling with sleepless nights or feel overwhelmed with life.

Lavender as a Stress Reliever

Stress is the perfect way to describe what most moms are feeling!  It can be used in diffusers or by burning candles indoors so that you’re more likely to forget about everything else while enjoying its calming aroma.  If you’re looking for a truly luxurious gift that will be cherished, lavender is the answer.


Lavender as an Antioxidant

Another great benefit of lavender is its antioxidant properties.  This means it can protect skin from free radicals and reduce the risk of cancer while also making your appearance look younger by reducing wrinkles! Lavender is a natural way to take care of your mom’s health and beauty, making it the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Lavender Sachets

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These sachets are the perfect way to bring lavender aromas into the home. They’re also great for keeping your clothes fresh and smelling lovely while in storage! You can even put a sachet under your pillow to help you sleep better at night.

These sachets work by putting a small number of dried lavender flowers and leaves into a muslin bag with a drawstring. Then the top is tied shut so that no oxygen can get in and spoil the aroma (oxygen will break down the scent, which means it will soon become stale).

As you hang up the sachets in different rooms, the dried leaves slowly release the lavender scent into the air. These sachets can last for up to two years, but you can replace the lavender flowers as often as you like. Click here to check their price on Amazon.

Lavender Body Lotion

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Lavender makes the best, most nourishing body lotion due to its antioxidant properties and effects on stress relief. This is a great option for those who want something that’s both practical plus luxurious at the same time!

This body lotion is made from 100% pure lavender oil to help condition your skin while soothing any muscle pain or tension you might have. It’s also great for people who suffer from dry skin because of its hydrating properties! This lotion needs only one ounce per application, making it easy to take on the go as well. If you’re looking for something even more luxurious, this luxury moisturizer contains an abundance of lavender and other essential oils to give you a feeling of bliss.

This is another way to bring the soothing scent of lavender into your life. This lotion can be used on both dry skin and as a daily moisturizer, so it’s perfect for any mom who wants to keep her hands soft and hydrated. It also smells good enough that you may want to use it yourself! Click here to check the price on Amazon.

Lavender-scented candles

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While oil diffusers are great, nothing can beat the simple fragrance diffusion of lavender candles.

Lavender-scented candles are a great way to set an ambient mood in any room with their warm, soothing aroma. They’re also good for anyone who has allergies because they don’t release as many particles into the air as other candles do (they use less wax and more essential oils).

This is our favourite option if you have severe allergies or asthma! The fragrance of these soy-based 100% pure lavender scented candles lasts longer than traditional paraffin-based ones – anywhere from 25 hours all the way up to 40 hours depending on how much you burn it at once. It’s easy enough to find them online so that your whole house will smell like lavender. Click here to check the price on Amazon.


These hand-poured candles are made with the highest quality ingredients, which means they’re healthier for your home environment! The scent is long-lasting so that it can fill any space with its calming lavender aroma.

It’s worth noting that these are available as soy or beeswax varieties so there should be one to suit everyone with different skin sensitivities or allergies too.

Lavender Bath Basket

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Don’t forget about one of life’s simple pleasures: taking baths!

A lavender bath basket is perfect for relaxation after a long day or to help you sleep better at night. It’s also great because it usually includes everything you need, like a bubble bath, exfoliating scrub, scented lotion, and more.

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This lavender-scented bath basket from Spa Luxetique is a great way to enjoy an evening at home with all of your favourite things for some true relaxation time! It includes fragrant oils, soothing salts, organic cotton towels so that you don’t have to worry about anything but unplugging from the stresses of your day.

This spa gift basket is formulated with nourishing ingredients, that moisturize and refresh the body and fortify the spirit of those who use them. They include nourishing ingredients such as Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin E and Lavender Essential Oils will help to lock moisture into your skin while making you feel relaxed. Click here to check the price on Amazon.

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