How to store your lavender lotion bars – 10 ideas that will help

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How to store your lavender lotion bars: 10 ideas on where you should or should not keep your lavender lotion bars


Most if not all of us are making the shift to a more natural way of living. And this includes switching from chemically manufactured beauty products to more natural handmade options. I don’t know about you, but it now excites me every time I find ways of giving myself a little pampering at home using natural ingredients without thinking about how much I’d have to spend on fancy spas/sprays, lotions, and potions. So I’ve turned to make my own luxury beauty products – and after I discovered how easy and amazing it was, I’ve never gone back to store-bought products. What I have recently become fond of is lotion bars because they offer a protective covering layer that seals oil and moisture into the skin.
When it comes to manufacturing handmade cosmetics, one ingredient I’ve learned to not be without is the lavender essential oil. And with the weather changing and my skin getting dry, I’ve come to love my handmade lavender lotion bars. They are an excellent project to share with children, friends, and family, and a wonderful quick gift idea as well.

And if you’re like me and my like-minded friends, you probably have made (for yourself or for giving out) lavender lotion bars or was generously gifted some, so you end up having this huge collection of lavender lotion bars and wonder how to store them – I know I have! So, I’ve done a little research hope it helps!

We all love how soft our skin feels after using a lavender lotion bar, and we love the smell of lavender. Whether homemade or purchased, lavender lotion bars – like any lotion bar for the matter – should be stored in a cool dry location, out of direct sunlight so they don’t melt. Let’s take a look at what this really means.

If your brain’s been racking around trying to figure out how to store all the lavender lotion bars you received, fear no more, I have a solution that’ll help fix the chaos. Just keep reading!

While the “cool dry away from sunlight” formula to storage can be a little confusing, bellow, some explicit explanations.

Let’s sort out the dry first …

What does storing lavender lotion bars in a dry place mean?

use containers 

Sealed dry containers or containers with lids like metal tins or mason jars help preserve the lovely smell of lavender and also help keep the bacteria out and prevent moulds from growing on them. They also make the lotion bars accessible, as you’re able to see and manage (more on keeping a count on) how many were used and how many are left to be used. Plus, the containers (depending on the type you used) look beautiful as shelf décor.

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use Ziplocs

If you don’t have containers, you may as well resort to using Ziplocs as alternatives. They keep the air and the extra moisture away from your lavender lotion bars.

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use drawstring bags

Probably not the best option out there for the long run because your lavender lotion bars will still be exposed to air, humidity, moisture, and bacteria, but those will sit cutely on spice racks. And if you have the bags in different colors, it creates quite a décor. Not to mention the nice smell around the area or your entire house.

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use soy saucepans/ring dishes

If your lavender lotion bars are in small sizes, ring dishes become handy to keep the bars in sight sitting on a countertop. Easy to grab and use on the go; plus, it could serve as a room deodorizer and you get to enjoy the nice scent of lavender too.

use desk organizers

Desk organizers make things look more organized and make it a cinch to grab a bar whenever you need it (a quick moisturizing of arms while working is always welcome – if you see what I mean). This suggestion works best if your lavender lotion bars have been packaged in a mint tin like containers or paper-like packaging.

get them off bathroom utility cart or bathroom vanity


Your lavender lotion bars should be kept off the bathroom because every time you take a shower the temperatures change, the place steams up and it becomes humid; bacteria multiply in such environment.

Now that the dry’s been all sorted out, let’s figure out what the cool part of the formula means.

Because making lavender lotion bars is literally melting and moulding, the bars are temperature sensitive and should be stored in a cool place so they don’t melt. This translates into

a place on the plastic fridge tray

If you didn’t know it already, beauty products especially those with natural ingredients can be stored in the fridge alongside your eggs and condiments. And the reason is that cooler temperatures help prolong the shelf life and potency of these products, and when applied, their cooler temperature soothes the skin, reduces inflammation, and the ingredients soak into the skin faster.
Just remember to put them first in containers or plastic bags to keep your condiments’ and other’s smell in your refrigerator from getting into or contaminating your lavender lotion bars. They’ll also protect the bars from extra moisture.
Even though it’s okay to store your lotion bars in the fridge, still, avoid freezing/extreme temperatures as they could affect the potency of your ingredients, and the lotion bars might not be melting as quickly as they should on the skin.

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room temperature

Because the lotion bars are formulated with higher proportions of hard oils like beeswax, cocoa butter or shea butter that have higher melting temperatures, the bars also have a higher melting temperature, and storing them at room temperature is totally fine and they won’t melt.

Away from sunlight? (the last part of the formula)

Heat and light are your cosmetic products’ worst enemies, and that means they’re your lotion bars worst enemies too. So, store your lavender lotion bars

in tinted glass/containers


Those present a good alternative to keeping light and sun rays away from your lavender lotion bars. Those help a lot to keep them perfect and not get any damned inside it. I will seriously recommend this.

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in the dark

Like heat, light can change the consistency and affect the potency of your lavender lotion bar. Even when stored in containers, string bags or Ziplocs, you should keep your bars out of direct sunlight. That’ll translate to away from sunny window sills or your car dashboard, or to avoiding putting them in your purse after putting them in a bag first to protect them from the light. The best places in general, are in cabinets and drawers to keep them safe.


And, keep in mind that even when stored in the most convenient and efficient way, lotion bars like any cosmetic product are not meant to be stored forever. Yes, lavender lotion bars do have an expiration date that depends on the shelf life of the different ingredients used but is on average of 12-18 months. Past that period, your lotion bars will start to crystallize, and that’s a whole other story to tell another time.

We’d love to hear from you! Tell us in the comments about favourite storage option. And if you enjoyed this blog post, share it with a friend 🙂



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