Lavender Lotion For Babies

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Why Lavender Lotion Is Great For Babies?

Have you ever considered using lavender lotion for your baby? Lavender can soothe a baby from a hard day just as it can mom or dad! Has your baby ever been so fussy, and you have no idea what to do? Sometimes we think they might be hungry, need a diaper change, or just want to be picked up, but babies can become quite stressed just as well as any grown-up!

Lavender lotion has an enticing aroma that is both a relaxing and effective way to soothe your fussy baby in addition to being a great skin softener. It can help your baby with restlessness on those days and nights that they can not seem to fall asleep even though they may be visibly tired. This anxiety can be safely and easily remedied when you use lavender lotion as a soothing agent. It is used in the same manner that an adult would use it when they are trying to wind down from their day as well or just ready for bed and wants to set the tone.  

What if you can ease that stress on their tiny bodies and create a bonding experience at the same time? This is where lavender lotion comes in. Our babies are the most precious part of our lives, and they cannot speak for themselves. As their caregivers and the ones that they look to when something is happening, we want to be equipped with exactly what they need.


Helping your Baby Relax

Lavender lotion can be added to your baby’s warm bath to start the soothing process. This can work in the sink, baby tub, or a bath that you run for you both to calm a fussy baby. This as a bonus can calm you as well as you breathe it in. It is very important when calming a child that we calm as well.  As caregivers, our stress can be felt by our children and they react to it not fully understanding what is wrong themselves. This can be a start to a long-lasting remedy that you use for you and your baby to destress. Your Lavender lotion and the love that you already have for your bundle of joy can set the tone for the day or night ahead! See how this works for you the next time you are looking for a quick remedy to comfort your baby. Imagine being snuggled up to your baby with such soft skin and smelling the great aroma that only Lavender can provide. 


We All Want What Is Safe For Our Babies


Lavender lotion is one of the safest things that you can use on your baby’s skin. It is nice to have something that you do not have to worry about when it comes to your child. With having to check every label before you buy it is nice to have something that is safe and works for your baby. Lavender even has anti-inflammatory properties that can help any pain or inflammation that your baby may be having even if you are not aware of these. A good example would be nasal congestion that is not caused by mucus but by inflamed sinuses. lavender lotion can also help to alleviate that pressure and promote a more comfortable sleep or at the very least aid in lessening the swelling so they can breathe easier.




Helps Child To Be More Comfortable


Anything that helps us as parents to make our child happier, more comfortable, and helps them to be calmer is always a great help. Especially when our spouse or partner is away and we have to figure things out on our own It helps to know that there is something that can be of assistance to us. Keep your lavender lotion by the baby’s bed or in your favorite spot to dress your bundle of joy. This way it will be right there as soon as you need it!


Best for Baby’s Sweet Bedtime

What is your routine for your baby when it is time for bed? Bedtime is a great time for Lavender lotion! Before you put on your baby’s pajamas you can massage your baby from head to toe with lavender lotion and give them that relaxing feeling that can help you ease them right to sleep. This can make bedtime a better experience for you both and may even allow your baby to fall asleep even faster. With the relaxing properties that lavender lotion has it can even help your baby stay asleep longer.




The Lavender Bond

Creating those bonding moments with our little ones is such an important part of parenting. We do not ever want to lose this time and opportunity to experience these moments. They are so important to the development of the child, parent, and the relationship that you are creating. It creates bonds of love and trust.  I have some tips for the bonding process that can put you both in a calming mood and also make your time together more fun and focused (And a lot less fussy… which is always a welcome bonus!):


Tip #1

We all hear our doctors and elders in our families tell us that it is important to have skin to skin contact with our babies. Take out your Lavender lotion and rub it gently all over your baby as you tell them the name of each body part and what they are for. This not only can help to stimulate your baby with touch but can also stimulate the brain  No one ever said that a bonding experience should not be a learning experience, right!. In fact, as you massage your baby and look into their eyes while talking to them can promote trust and understanding. The Lavender lotion can top off this beautiful moment. The lavender lotion can be used as a staple for moments like these. Calmer moments can create long-lasting memories!


Tip #2

We want to make sure that every moment with our babies count even when we are busy or out and about. When you are home and your baby needs you but you can not stop for a prolonged amount of time to bounce and play. Grab your baby sling/carrier and Lavender lotion to give your baby the sense of being warm and held along with the lavender that will pacify your baby right to sleep or at least happily looking up at you while you still take care of what you need to do without losing any valuable time with your baby or whatever it is that you are taking care of. This helps with the saying “every moment counts”! We have to multitask more than ever when we have children and this is a great way to make the most out of that time together without having to skip a beat! 

I hope that these tips help you and show you the benefits of using lavender lotion for your baby in everyday moments with your most precious part of your life. Lavender lotion can make it even better for your experiences with your children that much better! Always remember to pay attention if there are any skin changes for your baby. Though Lavender is a very safe solution, babies have such delicate skin and can be sensitive to anything that we use.

Make sure to try Lavender lotion and see how you can bring a little bit of bliss to your baby!



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