Top 10 Lavender Soap Brands

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Top 10 Best Lavender Soap Brands

It had already been in use by the time of the Caesars. The ancient Babylonians Egyptians even left us recipes for it. We can’t imagine living in a world without soap. Soap has come a long way over the centuries, where it was more of a luxury or medicinal item, and now, much of the world has access to it in some form or another.

Lavender has also been used at nail salons since ancient times as it was believed to treat sepsis and other serious health problems at the time. Over the years, soap products have continued to grow in quality and quantity. There is a market for high-quality soaps, and these are the top ten recommendations based on what I have found.


MIG Lavender and Oat Bar (4.25 ounces)

The addition of oat makes this soap even more soothing. Oats have been recommended as a treatment for people with minor burns, eczema, and other skin problems. Lavender by itself has tremendous benefits, and this combination would be perfect as a gift or to self indulge as it is no doubt relaxing but also healthy.

You can actually see the outline of the oats in the soap itself so you know the ingredients are real. In addition, there are some other wonderful things included such as extra virgin olive oil and shea butter.

It is one of the most expensive soap bars on this list selling for around $15. For the quality, you definitely get what you pay for! However, MIG is so confident you’ll love their product, they have a 30-day return policy if you return the product half full. This policy is reasonable since it prevents anyone from using the whole thing and trying to return it for a fake refund. 

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South of France, Lavender Fields, French Milled Oval Soap (6 ounces)


South of France 6 oz. French Milled Oval Bar Soap in Lavender Fields | Bed Bath & Beyond

South of France, according to their site, was started by a French expatriate who wanted to sell soaps made in local styles from France. Now, their products are currently produced in the U.S., but the methods are the same. This soap brags that it has been triple-milled. This generally means it has been passed through a machine several times to make the soap bar more firm, meaning it will also last longer.

Another benefit is this method, which according to, means that there are fewer chances for dirt and grime to get stuck to the soap overuse. No animal products were used in the making of the product either. Positive reviews point to the soap’s fragrance lasting even in the middle of its use.

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Provence Sante Bath Bar Lavender (7 ounces)

Stephane Lecaille, co-owner of Provence Sante, formerly had experience with L’Occitane en Provence. Provence Sante is the manufacturer for this particular bar, but it seems to be distributed by Baudelaire Soaps. The soap stands apart in that it is disc-shaped, and it is bigger than many other soap bars on the market. One might even call it medium-sized since there is a larger version available.

These soaps are made in the French tradition which means the product has been triple-milled. In addition to natural ingredients, Baudelaire partners with a lot of green companies. Their site notes that they use solar panels and will only use certain kinds of recycled packing peanuts. 

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A La Maison Soap Bars, Lavender Flowers 4 pack (3.5 ounces each) 

A lot of the other products seem great if you have a good amount of cash on hand, but for those of you not wanting to break the bank, the Lavender Flowers pack offers an excellent value. The soap bars are also made from real lavender, jojoba oil, and vegetable glycerin. They are also made and imported from France – although the company has a New York office you could contact if needed.

Their greatest selling point is you can buy 4 of them for about $10, which is comparable to one or two of the higher priced soaps. You also may be able to buy these packs locally at a grocery or beauty store and save yourself dealing with online shipping fees or wait time. In addition to the value, A La Maison advertises these soaps as cruelty-free in case you were wondering. 

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Tom’s of Maine Lavender & Shea Natural Beauty Bar (5 ounces) 

 Tom’s of Maine was started by Tom and Kate Chappell in 1970. Their idea was to introduce household products that were natural and high quality, and over several decades, their company has a reputation for excellent natural products.

Their site lists all of the ingredients in their lavender soap which includes where these ingredients come from: coconut oil, palm oil, purified salt, etc. The soap produces a strong lavender aroma when used, and it is one of the most mentioned positive attributes among user reviews.

Another advantage is you can buy them from certain places in packages of 2 or 6 at a slightly discounted rate in case you wanted to buy in bulk. The price of one bar is about $5. 

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EO Botanical Liquid Hand Soap (32 ounces)

The other soaps on this list are bars, simply for the reason that liquid soaps are usually not as strong, not as high quality, etc. However, for the list to really be complete, there should be at least one. If you’re on the run or just need to wash your hands quickly, you might not want to use the soap bar. Although there are many lavender hand soaps out there, one that stood out was this one by EO.

EO is short for Essential Oils, and this is what the company was originally founded for. However, their line of products now includes many different kinds of hand soaps. While liquid hand soap isn’t really meant for the shower, it still has a lot of tremendous benefits for everyday use. In addition to the high quality of oils and ingredients, they advertise their products as having no synthetic fragrances.

Their infusion of natural oils ensures that hands do not dry out as might be the case for other kinds of traditional hand soaps. Their soaps are also advertised as gluten-free, and a list of ingredients includes coconut-based products. A large refill bottle can be had for about $15.

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L’Occitane en Provence Bonne Mer Lavender Soap (3.5 ounces)

3 SOAPS L'OCCITANE 1 Savon Bonne Mere Marseille Lavender 3.5 oz. 1 extra 50g - $21.24 | PicClick

 If you value name recognition when shopping for natural products, L’Occitane definitely stands out as their products can be found in many different stores throughout the world, and they have a presence in over 90 countries.

Their company was founded in 1976 “that preserved the traditions of Provence” according to their website. Although you probably can’t test out this bar soap, you could try samples of their other products if you are close enough to one of their stores.

This lavender soap bar is made from natural vegetable products. For the quality and the fact that L’Occitane is such a reputable brand, the price for one bar will cost about $8.

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Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Bar Soap (5.3 ounces)

 Mrs. Meyer did not start the company, but her children were inspired by her practicality and love for gardening. Similar to other companies, the idea was to produce natural products as an alternative to the harsh chemicals found in most households.

This lavender soap has been triple-milled to make it more durable and last longer. It also is vegan in its ingredients and derived from natural products including olive oil. It leaves behind a pleasant aroma. Some of the positive reviews focus on the soap’s compatibility with dry and sensitive skin.

It can also be found online sold in other quantities, but one bar will cost about $4 by itself which is a reasonable price for its quality. 

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AAA Lavender Triple Milled Bar Soap (7 ounces) 

AAA stands for Aromas Artesanales de Antigua, but it seems the manufacturer’s name is International Toiletry. Either way, this soap seems to be a good value for its price, which is around $5 for 7 ounces. It has received positive reviews for its aroma and texture.

Although not something that affects the quality of the product, the wrapper design is beautiful and features a display of wild lavender. If not only for the value and the quality, the design itself would make it a very attractive gift for someone.

The ingredients are vegetable-based with Shea butter. 

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John Masters Face & Body Bar with Lavender & Ylang Ylang (4.5 ounces) 

In addition to the healing properties of lavender, this bar has the added feature of ylang-ylang, a plant that is supposed to have many healing properties. John Masters Organics was founded in 1994 in California. Their products are not only animal-free, but people also recognize them for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This product is particular because of its unique blend of ingredients that enhance the fragrance. The price is $9 on their official website.

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