Lavender oil for face wrinkles

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Wrinkles … ugh.. who wants them?

Yeah, you’ve guessed it, nobody. But why are they there?

What are wrinkles?

Image result for Lavender oil for face wrinklesWrinkles are folds on the skin that occur naturally sign of aging when one is about age 25 and above. Even though a natural process, some factors like sun exposure, smoking, pollutants, dehydration, poor skincare make people develop wrinkles on parts of the body like their face, hands, neck, forearms.

They’re not quite all nice to see and can be bothersome; so there are ways to smooth them and make them less visible: using sunscreen (SPF 30 or more), dermabrasion (‘sanding’ the skin), laser treatment (stimulating the skin repair mechanisms), chemical peel (dissolving the skin), injections (relax the muscles), quit smoking, stay hydrated, healthy diet (eat foods rich in antioxidants), skin gymnastics, moisturize.

And talking about moisture … there’s an oil for it. You’re right – Lavender essential oil.

Lavender essential oil has been proved to have numerous virtues: it’s a wonderful moisturizer, pain/migraine relief, sleep aide, afterburn help, hair growth remedy, suppress stress, aromatherapy, etc.

How does Lavender oil help smooth wrinkles?

Image result for Lavender oil for face wrinklesIf you didn’t know yet, your popular fave plant can help you delay the aging process; keep on reading to find out how.

Here’s why Lavender oil is good to clear your wrinkles. You see, skin aging and wrinkles are caused by free radical damage – and Antioxidants are what slow the effects of those. Luckily, Lavender oil helps your body produce its own antioxidants.


How to use Lavender oil to reduce wrinkles?

– use products with Lavender oil – like 100% Pure Lavender Tonique

As a general rule, make sure Lavender oil is one of the top three ingredients.

– apply few drops directly on problem areas – with a carrier oil (Vitaof course


Honey Mask :

Face mask with lavender oil and honey can be really amazing. It will hydrate your skin and will make your face muscles relaxed and have anti ageing effects. Follow these steps to make it.

Image result for Lavender oil for face wrinklesMix 2-3 drops of lavender oil with honey and stir well
Apply the mixture thoroughly on your wrinkles
Let it stay there for 20 minutes
Then rinse it off properly with water
Mix It with moisturizer
Moisturizer naturally nourishes your skin and mixing it with lavender oil can have enormous healing effect on your skin and on wrinkles, you can see the benefits in a very short time. Follow these steps to mix it and use it

Take some moisturizer in your hand and pour 2-3 drops of lavender oil to it and apply it over your wrinkles
Don’t rub it. Let you skin absorb it for 10 minutes then you’re good to go.
You can apply the mixture to your whole body for even better and relaxing effect
Just take adequate amount of moisturizer for your whole body add 10-12 drops of lavender oil and apply it all over your body.
Apply Lavender oil with water
Lavender oil itself is beneficial for skin. It has profound effect on reducing wrinkles and healing skin. Follow these steps to reduce your wrinkles and make your skin healthy.

Add 1 cup of boiling water
Then pour 5-10 drops of lavender oil to it
Stir it well
Then slowly apply it over your wrinkles and skin
Mixing lavender oil with coconut or almond oil
Normally coconut oil and almond oil has good effects on our skin and if you are a daily user or if you use it to nourish your skin then you should definitely mix lavender oil to it to enhance it’s effect even further

Take 1-2 table spoon of coconut oil or almond oil
Put 2-3 drops of lavender oil
Apply it on your wrinkles
Massage thoroughly


Best Lavender oil for wrinkles:

Plant Therapy Lavender Organic Essential Oil 

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